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Jee sun LIM    Patent Engineer/ph.D.




Ewha Womans University, Dept. of Chemistry and Nano Science, Ph.D. (2010)
Myongji University, Dept. of Biological Science, M. Sc. (2005)
Myongji University, Dept. of Biological Science, B. Sc. (2003)




Her practice involves KR and foreign patent application and lab consulting (Design for R&D direction, Patent mapping, and market research) in biological and pharmaceutical area.

She did Molecular Biology experiments to identify soxS gene encoding redox stress regulon from Sphingopyxis alaskensis RB2256 in while pursuing a Master Degree at Myongji University in Korea. At that times, She did random mutagenesis, gene cloning, real-time PCR, etc. While pursuing a Ph.D. Degree at Ewha Womans University, she experienced Microfabtication using silicon polymer and Microfludics for studying about bifilim of pathogenic bacteria. When she worked as a research fellow at National University of Singapore, her experiment involves Molecular biology and Operation of diverse microscopes (PALM, AFM, CLSM, etc.).

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